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Our Mission

The Academy seeks to create a global business world where every person can authentically engage, be valued, and be afforded equal opportunities to drive transformational business results.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Academy is to (1) advance and grow a global business community and workforce through leadership and institutional development where every person is authentically valued and afforded equal opportunities to thrive and (2) provide business, government, and not-for-profit leaders with strategic guidance on addressing social justice issues that affect the most marginalized members of our communities.

Our Brand Purpose

The Center for Workforce is now The Academy for Advancing Excellence.

For 21 years the Center for Workforce Excellence engaged in disruptive and transformation solutions to move the needle on advancing diversity, equity, equality and inclusion.

Under the Academy ownership, CWE’s work will be amplified around the globe.We have assembled a world class community of thought leaders, facilitators, coaches, trainers and speakers. This team is ready to serve your needs.  We recognize that inclusion is a global opportunity and want to be your partner to bring this goal to a measurable reality.

academy values

we value...

Global Citizenship

Inequities exist around the world and we take pride in our ability to address equity, equality and inclusion as a global challenge.


We walk our talk, especially when it is difficult. We model the behaviors and actions we encourage our clients to adopt.

Data and Facts

As experts, for decades we have utilized research and data to support our experience and our approach to develop transformational leadership development programs.

Winning Together

The power of we is beyond what any individual can do. Our work teaches us that inclusion is the way to win. Through collaborating with our team and our other stakeholders, we make winning solutions a reality.


Someone has to go first and we are courageous enough to do it. We are bold in our thinking and in our programming.


We find joy in being real and creating the space for our team to bring their gifts and talents to solve big issues.


Our standards are high. Our dedication to excellence is realized by the value and impact we deliver to our clients, our stakeholders, and the world.

Our Reputation

Companies rely on our decades of disruptive
and transformational solutions to:


Build a workforce from top to bottom that mirrors the face of the consumer with leadership capabilities in order to drive innovation and better business results


Develop senior leaders who can role model inclusive leadership behaviors in order to shift the company’s culture and infuse accountability


Build meaningful social justice strategies that support economic empowerment, create a pipeline of future employees and fully engage the values of the organization


Develop new strategies and capabilities that foster opportunities for building organizations that are more innovative and collaborative

the team

Leadership & Executive Staff

Alphonso David


Aaliyah Haqq

Chief Operating Officer

Trudy Bourgeois

Senior Advisor, CWE Founder

Dianne Perez

Executive Assistant


Angel Henry
Annalyn Cruz
Carolyn Dillhyon
Don Neault
Dr. Demoine Kinney
Dr. Kavita Abraham-Dowsing
Dr. Kimberly Ellison
Dr. Marita Kinney
Dr. Summer Allen
Gabriela Alvarez-Pollack
Genaro Torres
Glenda Deese
Greg Magennis
Helanie Scott
Isha Cogborn
Janice Drake
Joanna Fang Kwan
Justine Askew
Karin Mueller
Kendra Tillman
Margaret Brooks
Merelene Niewoldt
Nurit Hatteb
Rakhee Patel
Rhapsodi Pierre James
Sandy Nielander
Seema Gururaj
Shay Ponquinette
Shelle Cleveland
Susan Bean
Uche Ezichi
Vidya Muralidharan

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