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The journey toward equity, equality and inclusion is never finished. To start organizations on the right path, we’ve developed a growth continuum to help understand where you are now and what actions you can take to embed equity, equality and inclusion into the DNA of the culture of the organization.

Request our Capabilities Overview for details of each stage on the Academy’s Growth Continuum.

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of attendees in our program say they received practical tips to build new capabilities and enhance their leadership effectiveness.

“Covered issues rarely covered in a multicultural setting and allowed frank conversations that are missing in most work environments. Conversations allows for relationships to improve collaboration and trust.”


of attendees in our program say that the experience opened their eyes to take full ownership for managing their careers.

“TKLP has taught me to self advocate, own my career growth, build connections, empowered me to take risks and has provided me with tons of resources.. When the story of my success is told, TKLP will be a central part of it.”


of attendees in our programs indicate that the facilitators were excellent!

“This class was one of the best Google Training courses I've ever attended. The class allowed us to be real, raw, and vulnerable, course should be mandatory
for every Google employee.”


Our Clients Say…

"The Courageous Conversations Inclusive Leadership sessions have been profoundly impactful! We now have a common language to engage in meaningful dialogue about the role that every employees plays in creating an inclusive culture."

Mark King

VP, Global Diversity and Inclusion, Westrock

"The Next Generational Leaders Program has offered an innovative approach. Both managers and employees have shared via evaluations the impact to their relationships, productivity, retention and engagement have all moved several points. The results have been phenomenal — higher sales results, greater innovation and definitely better collaboration."

Michelle Witherspoon

Head of Global DEI Talent Strategy Integration & EEP, Amazon Corporate

“Your company’s work has been nothing short of transformational for the retention for our women and minorities and for moving the needle on embedding diversity and inclusion into the DNA of the Intel organization. We look forward to a long partnership and working together to achieve our 2020 Goals.”

Barbara Whye

VP of Diversity and Inclusion, Apple
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