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our approach

We subscribe to the disruptive innovation adoption model by Clay Christensen (1952-2020), Harvard Business School Professor

We believe that diversity, equality and inclusion must be established by the CEO as a business imperative

The CEO and CHRO/CDO and GCs are the innovators of the initiative

Like other business imperatives, the senior leadership team must be aligned and bought in before cascading the initiative throughout the organization (these leaders serve as the early adopters)

The early adopters are charged with influencing the early majority for the initiative to become a part of the DNA of the organization

Leadership must ensure that either equity, equality, or inclusion is a stated company value

Elevate The Middle

Everyone talks about the frozen middle being critical to creating inclusive cultures. Its true!  Inclusion will never thrive until we engage middle level leaders who play a significant role in the overall employee experience. Their leadership impacts the company's ability to maintain talent thus impacting the pipeline. Our strategies engage and elevate the middle by developing their leadership capabilities and establishing inclusive leadership behaviors. When the middle is elevated, they can catalyze the  most skeptical and turn them from resisters to early adopters.

Achieving Inclusion Requires Cultural Transformation

Traditional approaches to advancing diversity and inclusion don’t work. In fact, in many ways, the efforts have stalled if not caused a regression.

We believe that to truly move the needle and obtain results, disruptive strategies must be applied. This model provides an overview of our innovative and disruptive approach and process.

Our Learning Experience, Development and Transformation Framework

The Head

Provide practical insights on bias, default brain responses and choice

The Heart

Personalizing the impact of bias, labels, stereotypes and other injustices to build the empathy muscle 

The Hand

Get leaders to commit to building and deploying a personal plan of action

Source:  Transformational Learning Model, Professor David Orr

Leveraging Data

Our approach ensures what we build can be integrated into every facet of the organization


Proprietary Assesment


Interactive Focus Groups


1:1 interviews


Organizational Health Surveys


Employee Resource Group Feedback

The Academy offers a suite of services tailored to move institutions from cultures of awareness into cultures of solutions and transformation.

Learning Solutions

Inclusion Programs

  • Beyond Allyship into Ownership
  • Leading Inclusively
  • Advancing Inclusion: Getting Everyone in the Game
  • HRBP as Champions for Advancing Diversity and Inclusion
  • Sponsoring Across Differences

Women's Leadership

  • Leadership Fundamentals: The Path to Success
  • Leading Without Limits (Customizable for emerging/mid and senior leadership levels)

Intact Team Offerings

  • Courageous Conversations to Advance Inclusion
  • Driving High Performance through Inclusion
  • Building a Culture of Inclusion: A Leadership Development Series


  • Evolving a Business Plan that Drives Results
  • Mastering the ability to communicate your organization’s value proposition
  • Building Strategic Alliances to Strengthen your Value Proposition
  • Best Practices for Managing RFP’s

Manager/Employee Shared Learning Experiences

  • Blueprint for Success
  • Next Generation Leaders

Suite of Services

Robust Keynote Address

Custom keynotes that challenge and inspire with compelling, artful storytelling backed up with fact and researched based data.

Life-Altering Executive Coaching Individual/Groups

Life alternating coaching, including cultural competency coaching, to raise engagement, driver higher levels of collaboration and innovation and expand leadership contributions.

High-Touch Innovative Learning Solutions

Customized and engaging learning solutions designed to build new cultural capabilities for leaders at all levels within the organization.

Interactive Webinars

Meaningful, relevant webinars that generate enthusiasm and commitment to learning and growing in advance of live sessions.

Research-Based Consulting

Interviews, surveys, focus groups, Diversity Council Development, ERG. Social Justice strategies and  engagement.

Business Development Solutions For Entrepreneurs

Webinars, Workshops and Seminars customized for early entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.


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